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Putnam: The Hub of the Quiet Corner

Putnam is so much more than one small town — it’s the hub of this part of the state, bringing people together from Woodstock, Pomfret, Thompson, and beyond to create a larger community among neighboring towns.

I came to the Quiet Corner after living in Brattleboro, VT for a year. I was excited to be near friends and the water in woodsy Woodstock — but I also missed the sense of community I’d developed living in Vermont. I’d even discovered a new favorite local-ish band while living there — so, imagine my surprise when just a few weeks after moving here, I saw that band was coming to The Stomping Ground. The great live music (and fancy grilled cheeses) at The Stomping Ground was just my first foray into all that Putnam has to offer.

After years of moving up and down the East Coast, I’ve learned that people (especially artists!) are key to bringing life to small towns — and Putnam has one of the most committed and energetic communities I’ve seen. From Gary O and the team at WINY who not only do so much to publicize everything Putnam has to offer but also help make the Holiday Dazzle Light Parade the unofficial kickoff to the holiday season for many to the PBA team that keeps dreaming up new events and making them happen to the small business owners who are the heart of it all, Putnam has no shortage of people ready to make this a great place to be.

Theresa Cramer

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