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Putnam Has Heart

What do I love about the Town of Putnam? Boy, that is a loaded question. If you had asked me this same question 40-45 years ago, I would have answered back, "What's there to love?" Having been born and raised in Putnam, I didn't think much about the town. There wasn't much to think about... it was small, nondescript, and it was lacking in many areas. There was nothing to do and nothing to gather for or be excited about. Now, as an adult, you will quite often hear me say, "Who would have thought that Putnam would have turned out this way?" Never would I have imagined the outdoor dining, the First Fridays, and the way Putnam makes the Holidays feel so special for its residents and visitors. Viewing the Holiday Dazzle Light Parade has become a yearly tradition, seeing Santa strung across Cargill Falls carries many memories for me. The Fire & Ice Festival... something I look forward to each year, strolling down Main Street and beyond, sipping cocoa as we check out the ice sculptures and specialties being offered by the town's businesses. Buying my chocolate bars, searching for that Golden Ticket!!

"Don't tell me this town don't have no heart when I can hear it beat out loud." - Grateful Dead

The events in Rotary Park are also something that I'd never imagined for Putnam. The River Fires, the concerts, and the Zombie Fashion Show. Are you kidding me??? The Town of Putnam has been creative, and diligent in making downtown and the outskirts a "destination place," and I am proud to call it my hometown.

There is fellowship in the Town of Putnam. We take care of our own, and beyond, with food, clothing, and diaper drives. We gather together to support the "Savor the Flavor" event that benefits a couple of food pantries. We rally around to make sure enough "turkey & fixins" are available for those that need it. If there is a need,the Town of Putnam finds a way to fill it.

We take pride in our town! We do our best to keep it clean and beautiful for all to enjoy. Even our four-legged friends, and their humans, benefit from the dog park, another perfect addition to our town...and another thing I never imagined for Putnam.

My hometown, still small, but far from nondescript. There is so much to do and see at certain times of the year, and there is always good food and company to be found! When my husband and I go for our walks in and around downtown Putnam, we reminisce and we recall the days of our youth, walking the same streets, seeing the same buildings, with different tenants, telling our stories and playing our own version of "Remember When."


Barbara Kenyon, Co-Owner & Operator

Do you love Putnam? Tell us why and we may publish it on the blog. Send emails here.

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